My first 935 CharityMiles

I have sometimes commented that every day is the anniversary of something in our lives. A birth, a death, a conversation, a ceremony, a kiss, a moment.

Today is my #CharityMiles anniversary. A year ago today I logged my very first CharityMiles, a run of 4.109 miles to support the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research. Each mile I log is in honor of my amazing Dad and his journey as a ‘Person With Parkinsons’. He inspires me and I love him.

This first year, I’ve logged a total of 935.96 miles for MJFF and I still have a long long way to go. July -December of 2012 I logged 363 miles. My original goal for this year was 750 miles…but I may have to up it a bit. As of today, my 2013 total is 560.85!


I know my meager little efforts are insufficient to change the world. I’m just one 50-year old guy trying to make a little difference, do a little good. I’ve posted. I’ve recruited. I’ve evangelized. I’ve handed out flyers. I’ve demonstrated it to mall-walkers and marathoners alike. I’ve gushed online about this cool little app and the passionate people behind it (yes, YOU, Gurkoff…!) I’ve come to know some great people who utilize CharityMiles to “donate without opening a wallet” for a variety of good causes. I’ve run, walked and biked in darkness, sunshine, wind, rain and snow. Indoor and out. I’ve seen some beautiful sunrises and sunsets while logging CharityMiles, and I’ve shared a few online.


So, Happy CharityMiles to all!  I’m looking forward  to the next step, the next mile. Because  #EveryMileMatters




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